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Round Tables

Wood folding table:


               -Material: Birch, Lauan/Meranti, Poplar, Etc.

               -Edge: Bull Nose rubber,Aluminum(T/U/E style)

               -Smooth finish with Polyurethane coating

               -Leg: 30'' standard height or Adjustable

               -Color: Silver-G, Black, Dark-Mahogany

Round Table:


         Dia 72'' or Dia 180cm, 12 seats

         Dia 66'' or Dia 160cm, 12 seats

         Dia 60'' or Dia 150cm, 10 seats

         Dia 48'' or Dia 120cm, 6-8 seats

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WFTRN-36 inch

Wood Folding Table:Round table:dia72" ,dia66”,dia60",dia48" ,dia36",dia30” and any size Squre table..

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