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WFTRN-36 inch

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Wood Folding Table:

Round table:dia72" ,dia66”,dia60",dia48" ,dia36",dia30” and any size
Squre table: squ72" ,sque66”,sque60",squ48" ,squ36",squ30” and any size

Rectangular table: 30"x30", 36"x30" ,48"x30" ,72“x30" ,96"x30",18”x72”,18”x96 and any size

Half Round table,Quarter table,Oval table and all sizes of Serpentine table,Table Riserand etc.


1. The diameter of the metal tube is 25mm,and the thickness is 1.5mm or 1.2mm;

2 18mm exterior hardwood ply top ;

3. 6 coats clear polyurethane varnish: 4 on top 2 on bottom;

4. Tops are edged with vinyl T-molding or U-molding;

5. Commercial grade powder coating on legs as your requirement.

6. Two extra-wide wood runners on underside for stacking & protection.

7. Locking legs for safety. Leg assemblies are wishbone style,

8. All metal parts shall be thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized to enhance paint adhesion.

9. Metal parts are to be finished with a thermofused epoxy powder coating.